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Independent Pharmacy Owners Are A Different Kind Of Business Audience That Need A Different Kind Of Marketing.

Need help introducing your product or service to independent pharmacy owners? Well, you came to the right place. We are always looking for creative new products or services to increase profitability and/or cut costs for our pharmacy clients.

However, we are very selective when choosing partners. You must provide a new, innovative and beneficial service or product or be the “best in class” for us to consider you as a partner. Our staff thoroughly vets your product or service to ensure quality, performance and reliability as the first step in the process. Most don’t make the cut.

If PRS decides to collaborate with your organization, we bring over 35 years of pharmacy industry contacts and relationships to the table as well as extensive experience marketing to independent pharmacy owners. Most importantly, we have thousands of independent pharmacy owners as clients who trust us implicitly and we have an outstanding reputation in the pharmacy industry.

We only work with enlightened, forward-thinking companies, building a marketing strategy that creates visibility, awareness, and differentiation. It’s about being bold, showing and proving how you’re different. If customers cannot see how you’re different from others, then you’re invisible.

Our job is to move pharmacy owners to action and we honor this mission. We have a comprehensive understanding of a pharmacy owner’s challenges. We know how to inspire them. Creative, transparent and inspirational messaging designed specifically for the retail pharmacy market are the building blocks. A partnership with PRS means we act as your greatest ambassador to independent pharmacy owners. We ensure you:

  • Reach Your Target Audience
  • Communicate Your Value
  • Share Your Story
  • Create Your Identity
  • Establish Your Presence


We are a full service organization with global reach dedicated to creating, planning, and handling a product or service launch into the retail pharmacy market for its partners.

  • Yellow Shake

    Do you ship using Fedex or UPS? This service provides an automated process for receiving refunds to those who ship packages via their Fedex or UPS accounts when packages do not arrive on time, which both Fedex and UPS include an on-time delivery guarantee with their services.