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PRS Pharmacy Consulting Group
– Expert Pharmacy Consultants –

The PRS Pharmacy Consulting Group have been nationally and internationally recognized as The Pharmacy Consultants since 1982.

PRS Pharmacy Consulting Group is the trusted, go-to pharmacy consulting and services company for pharmacy executives, owners and other professionals. With in-house pharmacy consulting expertise and a vast network of pharmacy consultants, advisors and experts, we’ve tackled challenges that others just aren’t prepared to handle and have earned a large following of loyal customers. Whatever your pharmacy service needs, our staff has comprehensive pharmacy consulting, operational products and services, pharmacy brokerage and ownership, and pharmacy compliance tools to address them.

Pharmacy Ownership

pharmacy consulting - pharmacy ownership

Site evaluations, start-ups, transfers, valuations, turn-key services for both buyers and sellers plus existing pharmacy Rx Check-Up.

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Broker Services

pharmacy consulting - pharmacy-brokers

From pre-planning through broker services,
transfer and final closing, you’re not alone.

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pharmacy consulting - pharmacogenetics

Offer specific medication advice based on a patient’s individual genetic profile for over 200 drugs in 14 different therapeutic categories, right from the pharmacy counter.

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Pharmacy Compliance

pharmacy consulting - pharmacy compliance

All areas of Pharmacy Compliance — HIPAA, OSHA, Fraud Waste and Abuse, Drug Supply Chain, I-9, Pseudoephedrine, Audits, Immunizations and many more.

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Specialty Pharmacy

pharmacy consulting - specialty pharmacy services

Specialty pharmacy services (including oncology), closed/long-term care, disease management, transition of care and pharmacogenomics.

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International Services

pharmacy consulting - international pharmacy services

Exporting FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, vitamins/supplements, OTC’s and supplies as well as overseas pharmacy consulting and other international pharmacy services.

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– The Journey of a PRS Solution, Service Or Product from Concept to Your Business –

Step 1: Identify

identWe begin and end with collaboration. Bring us your ideas, your challenges, your goals. After collaborating with you to understand your situation and set a course of action, we get to what we do best – creating great solutions!

Step 2: Research

researchWe work directly with top advisors and experts on our staff, and extensively research the most innovative and promising solutions.

Step 3: Brainstorm

brain-01We refine and distill the expert opinions to develop the easiest use and highest quality advices, service, or product to provide the optimal solution performance.

Pharmacy Consulting- Business process

Step 4: Validate

boardThe ease of use, implementation, effectiveness, and related employee training of our solution is evaluated and through modeling “real” world locations and our own pharmacies.

Step 5: Approval

Untitled-1-01We present the solution and modifications then get the thumbs up from you!

Step 6: Implementation

impWe deliver and implement the most advanced, complete and cost effective solution – developed with the best experts in the field – providing you “Experience that Gets Results!”